The availability of certain products may be limited and products may not be delivered immediately. LEDSION Canada may modify or withdraw products at any time without notice. If an ordered product is not available, LEDSION Canada will notify you by email and your order will be automatically canceled with respect to the product in question; however, LEDSION Canada may, at its sole discretion, communicate with you in order to allow you to maintain your order subject to a new delivery date established according to the possible availability of the product.

Property and risk of loss

Any product purchased from LEDSION Canada is delivered by a third party delivery company, such as Canada Post or Purolator under a delivery contract. You become the owner of the product and assume the risk of loss from the time LEDSION Canada hands over the product to the third-party delivery company. Transport of the product is subject to the terms of delivery of the third party delivery company and to any insurance taken out by the latter in connection with the transport in question. LEDSION Canada EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY DAMAGE OCCURRED TO THE PRODUCT DURING ITS SHIPPING, ANY DELIVERY DEFECTS BY THE THIRD PARTY DELIVERY COMPANY OR ANY DELAY IN DELIVERY.


All returned products are subject to LEDSION Canada's return policy, the terms of which are incorporated by reference herein. Some restrictions may apply. Returns must be made within thirty (30) days of receipt of the goods, beyond this period, a return charge of 15% will be charged. LEDSION Canada does not cover any shipping costs for any returns.

Choice of carrier

  • LEDSION Canada offers you shipping costs for the majority of products with the exception of the following products:
  • 4 feet LED tube SKU # 4FT-T8-12WC-50K; 4FT-T8-18WC-50K; and others
  • 8 feet LED tube SKU # 8FT-T8-36W-120v-50K-FA8; 8FT-T8-36W-120V-50K-RD17; and others
  • 2x4 and 1x4 LED light plate SKU # PN-60W-120V-50K-24; PN-36W-120V-50K-14; and others
  • Linear light 4 feet SKU # 4FT-TP40W-120V-50K; STL-40W-120V-50K; LSL-40W-120V-50K; LSL-80W-120V-50K; MX482-2X12W-120V-50K; and others.

For these products, you will be charged a fee of $ 10 per case unless you place an order over $ 1000.

Some carriers do not accept large-format cases, LEDSION Canada has entered into exclusive agreements with several carriers. Each having their respective requirements as to the format of the boxes accepted and the geographic areas served, LEDSION Canada reserves the right to use the carrier best suited to your shipment.